Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Sis.

When I was younger I used to share a room with my big sister.

Little girls idolise their big sisters, for the most part anyway and I don't think we were any exception - I used to love sharing a room with her, used to try on her clothes when she was out, play with her makeup, walk around in her shoes, read her diary. Yeah. That happened Sis. Sorry about that.

At night time, she occasionally used to make me sing her to sleep. Or we'd sit up talking and she'd tell me about what her wedding would be like (she'd been planning it since about age 6 I think...). We'd have some awesome sisterly chats about boys and once, on Valentines Day early on in my secondary school career, I was a bit miserable because I didn't get any cards. So she made one, signed "?" and sneaked it into my bag... Aaaaw. Lush.

Then there was the other side of our relationship.

All sisters bicker... But once, I sat on the top bunk and whacked her over the head with a recorder because she was being particularly irritating. I'm fairly certain she deserved it, although I can't entirely remember why. (This wasn't as bad as it could have been to be fair, our older brother Dave has been known to throw many things at her face, including a basketball, and a shoe. I think he once winded her by hitting a tennis ball at her) In fact, thinking about it, she must have been a bit of a prick at times for us to want to do these things to her... It couldn't have been anything about Dave and I needing anger management or something.

My absolute favourite example of how cunning my big sister can be is the game we used to play to tidy our bedroom. Here are the rules...
  • She is the Fairy Queen.
  • I am the Fairy Slave.
  • She sits on the top bunk and gives orders.
  • I obey the orders - and the outcome is that I unknowingly tidy the room.
She came up with that game all by herself. Sneaky cow. I was only little, and I fell for it... More than once come to think of it. She never had to tidy the room, and I DEFINITELY never got to be the Queen!

I won't hold it against her. I'm sure she's forgiven me for the bash over the head and various other things I've done to her. Hopefully. I'm sure there's more I can say about my sister... But to be honest, the only reason this blog post is about this is because I sat here and went 'Hmmm, what shall I write about?' and I was instructed to write about the Fairy Queen game.

And everyone knows, I wouldn't disobey an order from the Fairy Queen...

But I will post pictures of her on my blog.

 This is her normal face.
 She's classy.
 Possible she's just been propositioned.
 Self explanatory.
 Jessica Rabbit. Obviously.
 I don't know what that is on her face, but I have my suspicions.

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