Friday, 21 October 2011

A short diary update!


I have neglected my blogging duties for a couple of days due to being poorly - seem to have the full works going on, headache/earache/sore throat/bad neck/high temp/dizzy. It's pretty sucky but my lovely Mum and Sister have been helping me out with Mini-Me so some rest has been had and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. Mum also delivered me a 'red cross parcel' - pain killers, throat lozenges, cold thingys to go on my head, berocca, soup. What a legend.

Anyway! Some good stuff has happened over the last couple of days! My course material arrived, which means I am finally able to stop waiting around for things to change and start kicking some writing ass (haha). I have set up my 'business' page - Katy Clement, Copywriter, and I've got a few little jobs lined up already. I'm really optimistic about the way things are headed. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!

That's all for tonight as I need to go and wrap myself up in a duvet and snuggle the cat, but as soon as I can blog without wanting to rip my face off and bash it on the keyboard I will be back...

Have a good weekend!

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