Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm an ANIMAL...

Ok so, I'm not what you might call a dedicated follower of fashion. I tend to pick and choose what I think will suit me, adapt it to my style and I don't think I do TOO badly out of this. Some may argue but that is irrelevant, because I simply do. Not. Care. I genuinely wear what I want, whatever I feel like when I wake up really. I guess I am edging over to 'alternative' style though, if you'd call it that. I'm all about the skinny jeans and converse, or what I like to call 'ass kickin' boots. I do wear quite a lot of black, but that doesn't mean I don't like bright colours. I am currently going through a phase of making my fringe into a quiff, I flippin' well love pink or red lipsticks, but the thing that makes me happiest of all is LEOPARD PRINT.

I know, I know. A lot of people see something leopard print and automatically assume 'Kat Slater'. 

This simply is not the case, and this post is dedicated to me defending, and even PROMOTING leopard print. *gaspshockhorror!* And other animal prints to be fair, but mainly leopard. The big trends for this season (and I do know this, for a fact) are layering, and faux fur. This opens up SO MANY DOORS for us. 

So, I own a lot of leopard print stuff - to start with there's underwear, obviously. I have recently aquired a pair of grey leopard print skinny jeans, which I'm completely and ridiculously in love with. I have a good few animal print tops - various colours. And I definitely have some animal print socks. I have both a leopard print and a zebra print handbag. And some leopard print shoes. Heels and flats. Yeah.

Now, there are a few rules I stick to when buying/wearing an animal print. I call them 'The Looking Awesomely Sexy In Animal Print Commandments'.

1. Do not combine animal prints. One at a time people. Otherwise you're going to end up looking like you've been to the zoo and treated it as Pic'n'Mix. Nobody will want to see you, you will give them a headache. So just NO.

2. Less is more. I would not wear a red leopard print top with a green zebra print cardigan over it and my grey leopard print jeans with a gold leopard print pair of shoes. That simply is not the done thing. Imagining this makes me ponder what a leopard would look like if Bella ate a box of crayons and threw up on it. Not pretty at all.

3. Do ease yourself in gently. It can be quite a frightening prospect... What if you screw it up? What if you end up looking like this?! 

DO NOT WORRY. Start with some jewellery or something small. A scarf is a nice way to do it too.

4. It is best, for the most part, not to wear prints that are too revealing. 

What I mean is, don't make yourself look like a low class hooker. It's not awesome. It will get you all the wrong attention. Unless you like that sort of thing in which case, crack on, but you HAVE been warned.

5. It's probably best to stay away from Lycra/Spandex etc. I don't think I need to explain this one really. That's a rule most people should stick with anyway, but especially when it comes to animal prints.

6. Work it in with the current trends. Really very easy... Like I said, LAYERING AND FAUX FUR. We LOVE this season.

So, there you have it. One example of my take on fashion. To finish off, here are a few things I need in my life... Soon.

I'm sure Father Christmas can do SOMETHING about this? Right? 

<3 X

*For the benefit of my best friend Shelley who thinks this bag is hideous... Read the top. I. Just. Don't. Care. I love it. It would be a statement. I like statements.


  1. Katy. You know I love you. I really do. But that bag is fricken hideous. It would be SO much better if it was fake fur or matt. But patent. Urgh.

    Aside from that I loved this post :D

    Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Miss Cross, my besty westy woo, while I appreciate your feedback I can only tell you one thing.

    You are wrong, the bag is beautiful.