Friday, 14 October 2011

The Truth About "Girls Night In"

Here it is. Here's the truth about what we REALLY get up to. It's steamy... You've been warned.

  • Google images of baby animals.
 Aaaah. I wanna rub it's tummy.
  • Talk about Tania's inability to find or use her "indoor voice"

  • Argue about what food to order.

  • Argue about who is going to order food.

  • Scream at Tania while she's on the phone ordering food.

  • Discuss the different types of cupcake icing.

  •  Discuss Tania's inner child.
  • Scream about the ham infiltrating Shelley's pizza. Invading pink bastard.

  • Discuss Tania's tendencies towards phone racism.

  • Take the piss out of Tania for being a Googletard.

  • Discuss whether or not unicorns are dirty. Decide that Charlie probably is.

  • Watch Extreme Makeover

  • Spew while watching the 'Brazilian Buttlift' on Extreme Makeover

  •  Remind each other of good episodes of Big Bang Theory

  • Tania's lovehole is closing up... It's like a well now.

  • Watch video's of Tania sleeping...

  • And finally... Jesus is basically Lego. According to (in Tania's words) "the the the the the the ummm.. Mmmm. Man with the thing that came in yesterday and I don't know if he is called a Vicar or a Reverend, or a Minister or a Priest, but he was a man". Discuss.

I'm afraid that's all for tonight folks... It's going to be a busy weekend! Lots of things happening! Things to see, people to do! 


  1. another blog with smiles and giggles, thank you :)
    I like the one where Sheldon has all the cats, twas on t'other day. :D x

  2. Beautiful Sharing and nice video.
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