Saturday, 1 October 2011

Plastic Surgery and Ageing...

I just found a pure white hair in my eyebrow. I'm not even joking a little bit.

This has got me thinking about why we are so worried about ageing, and what lengths we will go to avoid it... 

I am 24 years old, 5 foot 6 inches, 10 stone 3lbs and a size 10-12. Reasonable I'd say, pretty much average for the UK woman. I don't hate my body, I don't hate my face... I'm not the biggest fan of my hair but that is why I change my colour and style every 10 minutes and have been dying it since I was 11. 

When I'm an old lady, I would HOPE that I will still have a similar figure - I will work hard to keep it that way (unless we're talking exercise, which I do in fits and starts but can never stick to anything longer than a week. Ahem.)

I'm not too worried about going grey - I just figure I'll be one of these old ladies who has a pink/purple/blue rinse and tattoos and a pierced nose. I'll age gracefully, in a way. I don't even really care about wrinkles that much - I figure they just show the ups and downs of your life... Laughter and frowns.

I can understand celebrities wanting to stay looking young - they must worry that in that business, once your looks are gone, if you're as talentless as most of them are you've basically got nothing going for you. And no fall back plan either, unless you marry someone richer than you while you're still hot enough to catch them... And even then there's a good chance that when you do get old, they'll just dump you and replace you with a younger model. Harsh.

BUT. This does not mean I agree with the lengths people go to, to stop their lovely wrinkles appearing and boobs from sagging and waist from getting less defined and chin drooping etc etc etc...

Leslie Ash got a lot of stick when she had her lips done... But that is because it really did look awful. She looked so much better before. 

See? What did you go and do that for Leslie? You were such a pretty lady. Then you made yourself look like a Riddler. And Riddlers really scare me...

SEE?! You know I'm right. She looks like Tiddler. The Riddler. And isn't that thing really horrendous?! 

Another example of trying to stay looking young going badly...

Oh Courtney. You used to be so pretty. Seriously questionable life choices, but pretty. Now look at you. What were you thinking.

Then you've got the obvious ones - Donnatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tori Spelling, Mickey Rourke, Gary Busey.

Anti-ageing creams and lotions are everywhere you look now - TV, magazines, posters on bus stops. What is the obsession about staying young? 

I can safely say I will never have Botox. I will never be committed enough to plaster my face in cream every single day. I barely moisturise anyway, the women who work at the Clinique/Clarins counters would faint if I told them my 'skin care routine'... "uuuh yeah so I put my makeup on, then I sometimes remove it with a babywipe. But not before I've slept in it. And then I put more makeup on... and sleep in it, and remove it with a babywipe." 

I've lost my trail of thought a little bit because I got very distracted looking at pictures of botched plastic surgery. I have spent a good 15 minutes gasping at Google Images.

The point I think I was trying to make is - Stop obsessing about looking young. Look after yourself, eat healthy food, drink lots of water and all the other good advice that people give. But try not to go too mental, because if you get to the point of looking like this:

You have probably gone a bit too far, and sadly, there is no going back. I mean really, I'm sure she's a lovely person but she looks like a character out of the Labyrinth. Like she should be one of David Bowie's creatures. 

You don't want to end up like that. 


  1. I just spat my tea out over the keyboard when I got to the bit by the Wildenstein photo. So funny. Your blog is awesome.

  2. Haha thanks chick, I appreciate it :oD Xx