Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pure Loveliness

Right, I'm a bit irate today for some reason (to be honest this happens fairly regularly at the moment...) Usually I would vent my frustrations with a bit of a rant about something or another, or have an argument with some poor unsuspecting victim, but today I have decided to try an entirely different approach to dealing with my rage. (As time goes on, if I continue the blog, you'll become familiar with my rage.)

Today, I am going to post a list of purely lovely things that make me happy.*

First off, is this.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen something this cute. It made me go all gooey and ridiculous.

The second thing that makes me happy is this...
Or any Edward Monkton actually, he is a bit of a genius.

Number Three...
Yes, I know we've established I like shoes. But I like sparkly things more, and if I owned these shoes I would sleep in them. Actually, putting them on my feet just seems disrespectful... I'll let them have my pillow. Not everyone's cup of tea but flippin' heck I love them.

Number four is this delightful specimen...
You're welcome ladies.

And five would be this.
Oh HI one of my favourite songs of all time. You cheer me up.

*I'd like to point out, there are a lot of other things that make me happy too. Like my man, Mini-Me, my family, my friends, the cats, driving my car, a million other types of shoes, all of the Edward Monkton pictures, looking at crazy wedding dresses, walking my parents dog a billion other bands and songs, Big Bang Theory, Banksy, Barbara Kruger, cocktails, dancing, festivals, gigs, moshpits, blogging, saying 'Grow some balls' and 'man the fuck up' when people are being pathetic... and so on and so forth. 

I actually do feel loads better now. It worked. Try it.

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