Monday, 10 October 2011

Lady Gaga - Love/Hate?

I really don't get Lady Gaga.

I mean the woman is pretty bloody odd by anyones standards, and to be honest I can only assume that the peculiar outfits (like one made of meat)...

 She's got red eye too. Definitely something not right there.

The accessories... 

 A sheep anyone? I wanted to say something about a "Ba-a-a-a-a-ad Romance"...

And songs that are hideously catchy and yet make absolutely no sense whatsoever seem to point (in my humble opinion) to a woman who is deeply insecure and craves attention like a fat kid craves chocolate hobnobs (these were my snack of choice at my heaviest...)

This is all fine - I'm not slagging her off (well, not really. If you think this is me being mean, you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet) but in all honesty, Gaga worries me. I really do think that she is going to end up being just another Michael Jackson/Amy Winehouse story. Which is a shame - She is obviously talented. But someone who could go out in public looking like this:


really can't be quite right can she. I like Sesame Street as much as the next, I enjoy meat and I do quite like sheep. But I don't want to smother myself in children's toys, my meat should be in a sandwich or covered in gravy and to be honest, so should the sheep. Or in a pie. Or at a farm park, being fed from a bottle by small children. 

Why aren't her friends and family doing something about this? If my sister decided one day that she was going to tie all of my neices teddies on a rope and wear it around her neck, I'd have words. If my best friend Shelley suddenly wanted to make herself a dress out of garden veg I would probably sit her down and slap her. I think they'd both appreciate why.

Someone needs to give that chick some tough love. Tell her that she's not being herself and that she's actually being fucking strange and is probably going to die alone, off her tits on drugs and singing songs in a made up language. I'm all for expressing yourself and some people may have similar opinions on my sense of style - but this lot really takes that to the next level doesn't it? Respect for how successful she is, I don't mind some of her music, but seriously. Don't go down the road we all deep down think you're going to go down. You can do better! Baby... You most certainly were not "Born This Way".


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  1. Damn... I'll have to take the veg dress back...

    I am totally pro-GaGa after seeing her on the Jonathan Ross show - she was brilliant, funny and actually very sweet but I agree that she has a lot of insecurity and issues that need addressing! She needs a Katy in her life!