Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Things that have made me smile today...

1. Mini-me goes to play at Nana and Grandads house while I'm at work, and today was a work day. The fact that she goes there makes me smile all by itself, she ALWAYS looks forward to it and I know that she is being looked after by my parents - who love her NEARLY as much as I do.

The second part of this that made me smile today was her demands on the way there in the car - 'Mummy, I want sausages, tomatoes and bacon for my breakfast'. Oh right. Okay then.

The third part is this conversation between my Dad and Mini-Me...
Dad: Moooooo
Mini-Me: Stop cowing!
Dad: Miaow!
Mini-Me: Stop catting!
Dad: Woof woof!
Mini-Me: Stop DOGGING!


2. A few weeks ago my lovely Hubster-to-be got really quite narky because he'd overheard a guy at work saying some unpleasant things about me (yes, we work together, no, it's not weird). He didn't say anything because he's professional, but he did tell me! This kind of thing doesn't bother me in the slightest - I figure everyone has a bitch and a moan at some point, and with the number of people I work with, at some point I'm BOUND to be the focus of their gripes... Anyway, today this dude actually admitted to my face that he'd said some things he wasn't proud of and apologised in a very awkward manner. It made me smile because I didn't really feel that it was necessary, but obviously he did, and I appreciate that a lot.

3. My new boss had literally NO idea what to make of me when I turned up with purple and blue dreadlocks today. That was quite entertaining.

4. I'm making Chili Con Carne for tea, yum. Although, I do have to do the washing up first... Not so yum.

5. I just sent my fella a picture of my boobies, while he is still at work. Shits and giggles... 

6. My bestie Shelley has made some quite frankly astounding looking cakes, and I'm hoping she might save me one.

7. I have hit over 1600 views now... Thankyou to everyone who has had a look. Please follow me, that would make me smile even HARDER. 

8, 9 & 10. Today I have signed up for The Institute of Copywriting's Copywriting Course! This is a VERY big deal for me. I'm not academic. I hated school. I hated homework. I dropped out of 6th form. And this is the first time in my life I've felt motivated enough to actually WANT to do something like this - and I really, really, really wanted it. It's going to make so much difference to me - I like to know what I'm on about you see, it's all very well doing an amateur blog, but I want to get PAID to write. It's so exciting to think that this time next year I could be working from home - hopefully earning some decent money. My long-term plan is to earn enough to put the Hubster through a course that he wants to do (considerably more expensive than this one) so that we can both do jobs that we enjoy, earn enough money to be comfortable and generally have a slightly simpler life. 
Being able to sign up to this course has only been made possible because a chick I don't know very well offered to help fund it with a loan. We've known each other some years, but I'd say we've never been particularly close friends, and at times have had our spats. She had no reason to want to help me out, other than a heart of gold and in her words 

'there's a lot of bastards in the world, someone has to balance them out.'

She has, for now, restored my faith in humankind, myself and my future. Even if for some reason the course doesn't pan out the way I want it to (it totally will though...) I will be grateful to her for just being good enough to give a shit. 

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